This report uses UKOM approved comScore data to look at how Airbnb’s current consumer usage compares to the travel accommodation sector.

Airbnb has disrupted the travel lodgings sector since it burst on the scene offering short term holiday lettings. April 2017 was the site’s peak month to date when nearly 3 million adults in the UK were looking for or posting rentals on the site, according to UKOM approved comScore data. Seasonality over the last couple of years suggests the audience is set to increase during the coming months as people book last minute trips over the summer. 

Key findings:

  • When looking at time spent per visitor, people tend to spend more time on holiday rental sites than the big hotel brands.

  • In May, visitors to Airbnb spent an average of 21.2 minutes using the service compared to less than 10 minutes for the major hotel brands. 

  • Low durations for the hotel brands may be because they attract more business travellers who are less likely to be spending time searching for the best deal. 

  • Concerns over security and legitimacy of postings may prompt users to be more diligent and spend more time before parting with their money for privately owned holiday lettings

  • Half of Airbnb’s audience is aged under 35 compared to only a third for the sector

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