Member Research: UKOM Digital Market Overview - June 2018

Posted on: Friday 10 August 2018

UKOM's latest Digital Market Overview for June 2018

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Using UKOM approved comScore and data, the DMO shares insights into what the UK Population is doing online by providing a top-line snapshot of audience behaviour each quarter. UKOM has approved comScore’s multi-platform data which reports audience behaviour across desktop, tablets and smartphones. Key insights this month include:

  • Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) still account for 75% of all adults’ time online with smartphones taking the lion’s share of minutes (62%).

  • However, platform time is influenced heavily by content and service. Smartphones account for over 80% of time for categories such as messenger, social media, maps and personals, the desktop/laptop dominates time for auctions, education, B2B, airlines and financial Information.

  • 29% of online adults are now mobile only, meaning they do not use a PC to access the internet but only use tablets and/or smartphones. This is up 2 percentage points since March.

  • The top 10 Mobile and Smartphone apps are all owned by global brands. Ebay and Snapchat are the only 2 top 10 apps not owned by Google or Facebook.

  • Entertainment apps and UK brands feature in the top tablet apps for time spent: Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Hub and Sky Go all drive tablet minutes.

  • Despite negative press, Facebook’s audience continued to increase with Instagram alone up by 7% since March 2018 and an additional 1.1m people using the Facebook mobile app.

  • Of the mobile apps, ITV Hub performed well adding 1.8m users since March.  The World Cup, Wimbledon, Britain’s Got Talent and Love Island may have contributed to these uplifts. The ITV Love Island app alone had 1 million viewers by the end of June.

  • Two of the biggest unique visitor % growth categories this quarter can also be explained by the World Cup: Online Gambling (up 16%) and Sports/Outdoor Retail (up 14%).

  • On 18th June, Google launched its new music app in the UK, YouTube Music. By the end of June, it already had over 1.1 million users. 

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