Member Research: UK Leads The Way In CTV Adoption

Posted on: Wednesday 29 July 2020 | SpotX

2020 connected TV viewership report uncovers CTV viewing behaviour, access points and sentiment toward advertisements

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SpotX unveils research into the behaviour of connected TV audiences in Europe. Conducted by research firm Statista, the report reveals the latest data identifying the characteristics of CTV viewers in the big five markets. The findings, complemented by unique insights from Samsung Ads Europe, aim to help advertisers better understand CTV usage trends across Europe as well as effectively reach the growing number of consumers adopting the technology in specific markets.


Key UK findings of the research include: 

  • British audiences have made CTV viewing a regular habit, with 69% of survey respondents reporting they watch CTV a few times a week or daily. 

  •  64% of British viewers are more likely to choose an ad-supported streaming service over a paid subscription. 

  • 69% of CTV viewers say they watch ad-supported content and more than half (58%) say that they prefer to watch free ad-supported programming versus paying for an ad-free experience;

  • CTV viewership is not an occasional activity; for many UK CTV viewers (60%), it is the primary way they watch television;

  • CTV viewers are not willing to spend more on subscriptions, but will continue to watch more content, which is most likely ad-supported;

  • Half of households (48%) earning less than £20k per year watch CTV daily

  • 49% are classed as heavy streamers (daily viewers)

  • 60% say they watch CTV as their primary way of watching television

  • 73% regularly watch live programming (at least several times per week)

  • Favourite content genres include drama, comedy, and thrillers


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