IAB UK releases Connected TV guide for advertisers tuning into booming market


Launched today, IAB UK’s first Connected TV (CTV) guide, ‘Changing the Channel’ provides a comprehensive view of the CTV market; exploring opportunities for advertisers in this fast-growing area and collating practical advice from experts across the industry

Just as CTV audiences display specific viewing habits distinct from linear TV, IAB UK’s insight shows that advertisers need to be taking into account CTV-specific factors when advertising across video on demand (VOD) services. Crucially, the following should be considered:

  • Ad frequency when binge watching: The advent of VOD services has given rise to a culture of binge watching, with platforms actively encouraging viewers to continue watching. Advertisers should be mindful of over-exposure to the same ad when viewers are watching multiple episodes in one go

  • Device hopping habits: Being able to pause a programme and pick it up again later means that people are regularly switching between devices. Advertisers should consider the different contexts in which a viewer is watching – whether that’s via mobile on the train or on a smart TV at home – and tailor creative accordingly

  • Keeping personalisation subtle: As a relatively new platform, CTV gives advertisers the opportunity to strike the right balance when it comes to personalisation. Using viewers’ personal data to tailor campaigns shouldn’t be done for the sake of it, but only when it offers viewers a benefit. Glaringly obvious use of data, such as using someone’s name, is a turn off for consumers

In addition to these points, many of the age-old ad rules still apply. These include respecting viewers’ experience with uninterruptive formats and making ads relevant to the programming content.

IAB UK’s guide encompasses in-depth ethnographies, workshop findings and independent research, conducted by Differentology, to understand current CTV trends. A total of 12 contributors including MediaCom, Samsung Ads, Xandr and PubMatic advise on everything from how to plan a CTV campaign to GDPR considerations.

Reflecting the scale of the evolving CTV market, Differentology’s VODyssey report shows that 85% of the UK have access to Broadcaster VOD (BVOD) services such as ITV Hub and 68% to Subscription VOD services (SVOD) such as Netflix.

Commenting on the guide, IAB UK’s Research Manager Steph Clarke says: “Connected TV presents a massive opportunity for advertisers to reach an engaged audience and shape strategies to suit changing behaviour. Many of the principles we apply across advertising remain relevant here but, rather than simply lifting a linear TV strategy, advertisers also need to be considering unique CTV behaviours. This guide sets out to provide a holistic understanding of the sector and practical advice for advertisers looking to tune in to it.”

Melissa Gonsalves, Director of Strategic Insights at Differentology, adds: “We know from our own research that the Connected TV market is booming and viewers’ behaviour is changing; one in six of us now go to an SVOD service first when deciding what to watch. For advertisers looking to capitalise on this growth, understanding how best to harness new creative formats and future-proof strategies is key. That’s where this work comes in. I urge anyone involved in CTV advertising to read it.”

Checkout Changing the Channel: A comprehensive guide to Connected TV here

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