Global IAB Research: Live Video Streaming

Consumer research highlighting the growth and widespread adoption of live video streaming

Led by IAB US, 21 countries participated in the research and 4200 ‘live video streamers’ were recruited, 200 in each country.

The key objective of this study was to gain a better understanding of consumer experiences with and attitudes towards live video streaming. In particular, to uncover trends in device usage (e.g. mobile, desktop, connected TV), platform preferences (e.g. social, skinny bundle, etc.), content preferences (e.g. sports, news, events, etc.), and consumer perceptions of advertising experiences during live video streaming.

This research provides brand marketers and publishers with a global benchmark and insights into the value of live streaming to engage with audiences around the world.

Key findings:

  • Video content is in demand – and appears set to grow further

  • Smartphones facilitate frequency of access – but do not command the most screen time 

  • Social platforms are the key source of live video content and TV is the most popular type of live video content accessed

  • Nearly two-thirds of viewers plan to live stream the 2018 World Cup globally while roughly half plan to watch video recording of it online or on TV

  • Consumers in most countries prefer free, ad-supported live video streaming over subscription services

  • Consumers interact with advertising whilst live streaming and it can build brand presence

  • Live streaming is a daily activity that provokes social interaction

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