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The digital ecosystem continues to evolve providing new opportunities, with technologies such as AI and AR disrupting marketing at a revolutionary pace, but also new challenges around regulation and signal loss. But what impact will these changes have on transforming business performance in the longer term and what will define the brands that thrive in this new landscape? In an age of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is these technologies combined with the human capacity for creativity, imagination and visionary thinking that has the ability to truly separate a business from its competition.

During the morning we’ll explore how the next generation of brands are driving innovation through a perfect combination of the art and science of marketing. From our view on the future of personalised advertising and commerce, to the brands being built beyond bias, and the creators galvanising communities on our platforms, join us for a morning of inspirational keynotes and conversations as we look ahead to a future of next generation brands.

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Digital Upfronts 2021

As we start to take steps towards a post-pandemic world, what does the future look like for our industry as we emerge from two years of immense change? Join us this October as we bring together some of our industry’s biggest players to share what’s next - including brand new launches, trailblazing innovations and unmissable opportunities for advertisers. 

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.