JPIMedia revolutionised its data strategy in less than 3 months

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With a portfolio of hundreds of websites, the majority of JPIMedia’s inventory is relatively broad, meaning that JPIMedia was struggling to create behavioural audiences based on their media properties. They were also using large amounts of third-party data, with low match rates, and struggled to explain to their buyers how the data was created.

Furthermore, a large number of the campaigns running on JPIMedia’s websites are location based and for this reason, it was challenging for the media company to scale their data strategy.

To solve these challenges, JPIMedia used AudienceProject's UserReport survey tool to ask their users specific questions based on the segments they wanted to build, and from the answers given, the media company was able to build deterministic data sets. Subsequently, JPIMedia used AudienceProject's AudienceHub to grow the data collected via the survey, enabling the media company to create unique audiences relevant to their most valuable clients. Newsquest replaced all third-party data segments with first-party data, built more than 170 segments based on the targeting requirements of their biggest spending clients in less than 3 months. The segments were made available for activation across all of their local titles, making it easy for JPIMedia to scale the segments’ profit potential. The story of how the segments were created was also easy for their clients to understand.

Key statistics


segments deployed in less that 3 months

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Digital media was the sole focus of the spend against the segments. With most local newspapers currently out of print, digital revenue is supporting the business in its entirety during this difficult time.


  • More than 170 segments relevant to the most valuable clients created and deployed in less than 3 months
  • An increase in the range of advertising solutions available for clients
  • A redesigned digital advertising data strategy with first-party data at the heart of it
  • An opportunity to leverage broad inventory by making segments available for activation across all local titles
  • A huge decrease in the amount spent on buying in third-party data segments

In a sentence...

JPIMedia revolutionised its data strategy by creating and deploying more than 170 custom made first-party segments relevant to their clients, in less than 3 months, and no longer had to buy in third-party data.

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