Index Exchange increased advertising spend with Apartment Therapy through Post-Auction Discounts

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Like many publishers in today’s climate, the lifestyle publishing company Apartment Therapy, is constantly looking for innovative ways to appeal to today’s buyers and boost ad spend. As the industry stands today, more than 70% of all marketing dollars are swallowed by the Walled Gardens, leaving publishers in a continuous search for additional revenue streams and tools to incentivise ad spend.

IX helped Apartment Therapy capture incremental agency spend via a new publisher-controlled programmatic deal feature called Post-Auction Discounts, leading to a large increase in Private Marketplace spend from one key advertiser after implementing Post Auction Discounts

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Post-Auction Discounts are designed to work with all header bidding supply, with transparent reporting verifying the benefit to buyers. By utilising this technology Apartment Therapy Media increased its ad spend significantly. The feature was designed to encourage select advertising partners to spend more through a negotiated discount rate, with the expectation that the advertiser will spend more on that publisher’s inventory.

Key statistics


Ad spend increase

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

Post-Auction Discounts provided an incentive for buyers to boost their spend on the publisher’s site. Apartment Therapy saw a 1011% increase in Private Marketplace spend from one key advertiser after implementing Post Auction Discounts. In fact, March 2020 revenue numbers were among the highest Apartment Therapy had ever seen, despite difficult industry circumstances due to COVID-19.

In a sentence…

Advertising spend increased by 1011% for Apartment Therapy by using Post-Auction Discounts

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