Sustainability FAQs: Fifty

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023

Fifty has completed IAB UK's Environmental Sustainability FAQs, designed to make environmental credentials more accessible and improve the focus of the industry

Section 1 – about your company


Company name


Number of UK employees

10 - 49

Number of global employees

0 - 249

Company type

Ad Technology and Data Company

Person accountable for environmental sustainability

Lucie Pearce

Section 2 – company energy usage


Category of emissions measured eg. Scope 1, 2 and 3

Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 3

Reduction strategies in place for energy use

As part of our commitment to powering sustainable advertising, Fifty has gone beyond ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘net zero’ and removed even more carbon than we emitted last year. As of 2022, we’ve balanced 142.58t tonnes of carbon (110% of our emissions for 2021), while protecting biodiversity and supporting local communities. We also have implemented the Scope3 integration into our platform so can now offer clients:

  • An understanding of different media domains’ gCO2PM impacts on a regular basis. 
  • Optimised media plans towards greener solutions, all linked with our audience targeting.
  • The opportunity to responsibly compensate for gCO2PM at campaign-end

Environmental sustainability policies, schemes or initiatives in place

Business travel
Recycling (everyday e.g bottles and cans)
Recycling (tech e.g. laptops and phones)
Travel to work
Working from home
Website hosting

Percentage of energy usage from renewable sources

Don't know

Publicly available documents related to above


Carbon offsetting schemes used

Yes, we use Earthly. Earthly helps companies invest in nature through high quality nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods. Through their innovative assessment and visualisation tools, businesses demonstrate the value of their investments in nature.

Amount of CO2E offset in 2022

142.58t tonnes

Environmental sustainability questions included in procurement activities Yes

Company's environmental sustainability objectives

That’s why we are committed to constantly improving the tools that we offer to clients to help them evaluate their media carbon impact and take steps to reduce or offset them. Firstly we focused on measuring display advertising but we are currently testing other channel models for: social(across platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter), streaming-video (including CTV, YouTube), dooh (All digital out-of-home including transient and fixed screens) We are also investigating ways to further reduce our infrastructure carbon impact by moving to more energy efficient ARM processor chips and by moving our hosting to regions which have more of their energy supplied through renewables. With our Scope3 integration, our next step will be going beyond domains to measure the impact of social and app data, and we can’t wait to roll out these processes.

Reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 84% by 2025 and absolute Scope 3 emissions – including media buying – by 50% by 2030, both from a 2019 base year.

Sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Phase out single-use plastics in our offices.

Section 3 - industry initiatives


Industry certifications or initiatives



Training and engagement programmes for employees

We provide one voluntary day per year for all staff, this year some of our team utilised their day to plant new trees in Northampton to restore local environments.

The volunteer day was planned in partnership with Treeapp, a company that helps brands offset their carbon footprints by planting trees on sites all over the globe.


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