UKOM: explore the UK's digital habits in September 2022

Posted on Wednesday 16 November 2022 | IAB UK

UKOM’s latest Digital Market Overview for September 2022 shows that average time online per day for those aged 15+ in the UK was 3 hours 39 minutes, seven minutes more than July 2022

The latest data shows that 72% of all time spent online is on smartphones, but this falls to less than 50% among those aged 65+ who spend more than a quarter of their time on tablet devices. Average smartphone time per day is 2 hours 30 mins among all aged 15+ but this rises to over 3 hours for those who have children aged 0-5 years.

Other key findings include: 

  • The Queen’s death and funeral contributed to changes in online behaviour, with magazine and newspaper brands adding audience. Hello! Magazine’s online audience increased by a third, while The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The Telegraph were all in the top 10 online brands which added the most audience between July and September
  • The Queen’s passing also drove audience increases for the news broadcaster apps in particular BBC News and Sky News
  • Google, Facebook & Messenger, YouTube, Amazon and WhatsApp are the top five online brands by audience
  • BeReal’s mobile app continues to grow – the app now has an audience of over 2 million – the majority of whom are aged 15-24 (72%) and female (73%)

Download the full report for September 2022 here.

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