Sustainability FAQs: Global

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023

Global has completed IAB UK's Environmental Sustainability FAQs, designed to make environmental credentials more accessible and improve the focus of the industry

Section 1 – about your company


Company name


Number of UK employees


Number of global employees


Company type

Media Owner / Publisher

Person accountable for environmental sustainability

Sophie Taylor

Section 2 – company energy usage


Category of emissions measured eg. Scope 1, 2 and 3

Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 3

Reduction strategies in place for energy use

Global's warehouses are ISO 50001 accredited based on our exceptional energy management strategy.
Our commercial fleet all run using the latest, low-emission, energy efficient engines and 10% of our vans are fully electric. This has contributed to the shrinkage of our carbon footprint. In addition, Global has invested in telematics, which tells us about drivers with poor eco-driving habits (aggressive acceleration, speeding and heavy braking) which all add up to increased fuel usage. We have partnered with the Energy Savings Trust to provide eco-driver training and have addressed individual behaviours where necessary.
Global uses energy efficient LED lighting in our offices and warehouses, which has contributed to decreasing our carbon footprint. We also post reminders to switch off appliances and lights in our buildings and in others have introduced motion sensing lighting.
Global is switching off AM broadcast transmitters in favour of investment in DAB+, which is more energy efficient. We continue to adopt virtualisation and cloud computing technology, to reduce the number of physical servers in our IT infrastructure.

Environmental sustainability policies, schemes or initiatives in place

Recycling (everyday e.g bottles and cans)
Recycling (tech e.g. laptops and phones)
Single use plastics
Travel to work
Working from home
Website hosting

Percentage of energy usage from renewable sources

91% - 100% (U.K.)

Publicly available documents related to above

Find out more

Carbon offsetting schemes used


Amount of CO2E offset in 2022


Environmental sustainability questions included in procurement activities Yes

Company's environmental sustainability objectives

Global is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 through the UN Race to Zero. As signatories to Ad Net Zero, Global has also committed to making a 90% reduction in its operational emissions, which includes Scopes 1 and 2, and parts of Scope 3 (Business Travel, Water, Paper, and Employee Commuting) by 2030.

Section 3 - industry initiatives


Industry certifications or initiatives

AdNet Zero
Tech Lab Green Supply Path
IAB UK Group
UN Race to Zero

Training and engagement programmes for employees

Global have a Green@Global committee engaging department leaders and inspiring them to take climate action within their teams. Global also has an open Green@Global Workplace group where members can share progress on environmental initiatives, news articles and sustainability trips and tricks. Global’s Environmental Initiatives Manager sends out a quarterly newsletter to summarise recent progress. Select senior leadership have been enrolled in Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership courses, the learnings of which have been shared in ‘Sustainability Sprint’ sessions afterwards with any interested employees.


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