Inclusion, Diversity & Equality: helpful links


As part of IAB UK’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality, we’ve pulled together a list of companies to help you create a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

Talent and mentorship programmes

Media Trust

Media Trust is a communications charity that believes in the power of media to change lives. Its aim is to encourage the media and creative industry to share their time, knowledge and creativity to benefit charities, under-represented communities and young people. Media Trust specifically runs programmes to encourage young, diverse talent to develop their confidence, passions and talents for the work place.

Brixton Finishing School

Brixton Finishing School is the winner of Britain's Best Digital Skills and Inclusion project 2019. This free, 10-week course transforms raw talent into entry-level candidates for a spectrum of ringfenced roles at big-name sponsor companies across the digital, media and creative industries. The focus is BAME/Female/Neurodiverse/Income Challenged individuals who want to accelerate their digital, creative and professional skills. It's taught by the best in the industry through a series of lectures, masterclasses, 'real world' experiences and Google online learning. Bursaries are available to fund living costs while individuals study. The 2018 cohort had 95% employment 12 weeks after graduation. 

Creative Mentor Network

Focused on making the creative world of work more diverse and inclusive, Creative Mentor Network runs a mentoring model where everyone wins. The network provides career opportunities for young people and under-represented communities throughout the UK, coaching skills for employees and access to diverse talent.


A youth-led creative network based in London, Livity is a specialist youth marketing agency.

Creative Access

Creative Access is a UK organisation dedicated to recruiting BAME talent and those from lower SES backgrounds in the creative industries. It is aimed at helping young people, from under-represented communities throughout the UK, access creative careers. Working with UK’s most successful creative firms, Creative Access helps to bring in diverse talent to organisations via paid internships and employer training.

The Futures Leaders Award

The Futures Leaders Award is a bursary scheme for women in the advertising and communications industry who have the potential to be great leaders. Run in partnership with WACL and NABS, the scheme rewards talented and inspirational women who have a vision for what they want to achieve, an understanding of the difference they can make and the motivation to succeed.

We Are Stripes

A career progression initiative to address the ethnic imbalance in the creative industry. We Are Stripes creates and increases opportunities for ethnic diverse creative talent by educating on career entry into the industry and supporting current BAME individuals in the industry with career progression. Whilst supporting organisations through consultancy, events, sourcing diverse talent and role model visibility.’

Media For All

Media for All was set up to help encourage more BAME talent into media and to provide support and a mentoring network to ensure BAME talent flourishes in the media industry that we all love. BAME representation within media owners as well as media and creative agencies remains significantly below the level of the communities in which we live. In agencies, the figure hovers around 13%, while media owners don’t even have a centralised forum for collecting or sharing their data. Regardless, most media industry events remain a sea of white, with the odd non-white face, despite London's BAME population sitting at 41%.

Organisations and Consultancies

My Plus

MyPlus help employers recruit, support and develop disabled talent, with a particular focus on students and graduates. Through a Recruiters' Club, it offers advice and support by way of training, collaborative events and toolkits, plus the opportunity to engage with disabled students via a Students' Club website.

The Hobbs Consultancy

The Hobbs Consultancy supports individuals to be their authentic selves in the workplace and helps businesses create a culture to support this. Recognising that creating diverse and inclusive organisations is not necessarily an easy path, the consultancy equips businesses to navigate the complexity and learn the skills required for everyone to be able to step into inclusive leadership.

Genius Within

A social enterprise with the objective of enabling people with neurodiverse conditions to fulfil their potential at work and in their career. Genius Within provides in-work support in the form of coaching, training and assessments. It also supports neurodiverse people who are not in the workplace; whether they’re studying, unemployed or in the criminal justice system.

Creative Equals

Creative Equals is an organisation championing diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. It’s Creative, Digital + Media Equality Standards is a kitemark accreditation measuring an organisations’ cultural performance. Creative Equals offers training to build inclusive cultures, hosts events including Diverse Minds on Neurodiversity and RISE on Inclusive Creativity, and drives programmes to address industry gaps, including the Creative Comeback Programme. 

Citrus Ornge

Citrus Ornge is a specialist performance marketing, technology, and publishing business which has a social mission at its heart – to create employment opportunities for ex-offenders and those recovering from addiction through several work experience and mentoring initiatives with local community partners in Brighton and Hove.

Sector specific


A collective of media owners and specialist agencies from the Out of Home (OOH) media sector, Balance works to drive a culture of diversity across the OOH industry and attract and develop the best talent for the sector.

Turn the Talk

Turn the Talk is an initiative that encourages and supports change and empowerment to broaden the voices in the Performance Marketing industry.



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