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Accessing and citing IAB resources

The IAB freely shares information to help people better understand the digital advertising industry. As such, the IAB produces research, policy guidance, blog posts, videos and other content that journalists and bloggers should feel free to link to and/or cite in articles and stories. 

We simply request that you provide attribution for content generated by the IAB. Your publication may have its own standards for citation, so feel free to adapt these suggestions to your own organisation’s style guidelines. 

Examples of suggested citations:

  • Source: IAB UK, Research Study Title, Month Year.

  • In an article on the IAB site, Tim Elkington, CDO, states, “Digital advertising grew exponentially year-over-year.”

  • See the IAB’s full study here. (Provide a hyperlink to the original source if a digital publication).

For video assets, you can embed videos from the IAB site into your own by clicking the embed button at the bottom of the IAB Player and following the prompts.

If you need high res versions of images or higher quality video, journalists and bloggers should get in touch with pr@iabuk.com. IAB members should get in touch with our Membership Team.

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