Member Research: UKOM Digital Market Overview Q2 2019

Posted on: Thursday 01 August 2019 | UKOM

UKOM's latest Digital Market Overview for Q2 2019

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Using UKOM approved Comscore data, the DMO shares insights into what the UK Population is doing online by providing a top-line snapshot of audience behaviour each quarter. UKOM has approved Comscore’s multi-platform data which reports audience behaviour across desktop, tablets and smartphones. Key insights for Q2 include:

  • The share of time attributed to mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) continues to increase - they now account for 78% of all adults’ time online

  • Share of minutes by platform varies hugely by content and service. Whilst desktops only account for 21% of time overall, this is over 50% for some categories including education, B2B, government, some finance sectors such as investments and insurance and certain retail categories including computer software and cosmetics. Conversely, whilst smartphones generate 68% of total minutes, this is over 90% for instant messenger, job search, fitness trackers, maps, coupons and car transportation

  • Smartphone apps are driving mobile time online growth – minutes are up by 27% yr.-on-yr. The top 3 smartphone apps - Spotify, YouTube and Facebook each generate around 15 billion minutes every month and account for 30% of time on apps combined

  • Over 15 million UK adults or 35% of internet users are now ‘Mobile Only’ - this continues to grow and is up from 29% a year ago

  • Of the top 10 properties overall, News UK had the best month – visitors increased by 4 million since March – much of this growth came from Sun Sport

  • Similar to June last year, also saw visitor numbers up since March – the ITV Hub and ITV News both had an additional ½ million visitors but most growth came from the Britain’s Got Talent mobile app and the Love Island mobile app, both of which had almost 1 million visitors in June

  • Finally, on 20th June, Niantic released its augmented reality mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and by month end, comScore data showed that 1.3m UK adults had accessed the mobile app

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