Member research: Activision Blizzard Media: Gallery of the Gamer

Posted on: Monday 12 October 2020 | Activision Blizzard Media

Exclusive research into the identity and motivations of gamers in 2020

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Activision Blizzard Media has launched its latest consumer research project, Gallery of the Gamer. This global initiative paints a holistic picture of the gaming audience, identifying six distinct gaming personas based on player demographics, platforms, and psychographics.  

The research aims to better understand the diversity of gamers while highlighting opportunities for brands and marketers to connect with them. It comes to life in an interactive art gallery, where you can explore each of the six personas represented by a piece of artwork in the virtual space. 

 Some key takeaways from the research include: 

  • Less than half of all gamers identify as gamers — over 60% of the gamers surveyed responded “no” or ‘unsure’ when asked if they were a gamer
  • Though gamers are often stereotyped as young males playing on consoles in their parents’ basements, only two of the six gamer personas identified resemble the stereotypical image of a gamer
  • The majority of gamers play across multiple platforms. Mobile gamers, typically thought of as single-platform users, often play on console and PC 

Download the report here

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