IAB reveals steps taken to solve digital advertising's biggest issues

Posted on: Tuesday 26 July 2016

Outlines what’s happened in the year since the launch of “IAB Believes” initiative.

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One year after launching its “IAB Believes” initiative, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK is publishing a summary of the progress made to tackle the five biggest issues facing digital advertising.

The “Believes” initiative outlined a concise industry position and the direction for each issue – brand safety, viewability, ad-fraud, (all ad verification issues), ad blocking and privacy (both consumer-led issues). 

Here at the IAB, our aim is to create the right environment for digital advertising to thrive - by supporting the industry in its development and driving its future.

Digital is the fastest-growing advertising medium in the UK – worth £10.4bn, up 17.3% year-on-year – now accounting for about 86% of the total UK ad market.

Data and automated technologies play a vital role in the online ad trading and verification process. Increasingly, several important issues, including ad blocking, ad fraud, brand safety, privacy and viewability have been put under a microscope. Working with partner trade bodies and technology vendors, we’re making major strides in addressing and talking these growing concerns. 

The highlights are listed below. 

·       Ad blocking - launched DEAL as a set of options to help publishers; working towards the launch of the more detailed LEAN ad standards, supported by 44 IABs globally; delivered ongoing research to understand and monitor the issue; lobbying Government and regulators to raise concerns regarding mobile network ad blocking

·       Ad – fraud - Delivered a taxonomy of the 16 different types of potential online ad fraud; created Good Practice Principles against which companies can be audited; developing a certification programme with first companies expected to be certified early 2017

·       ViewabilityLaunched the second certification of viewability vendors to reduce discrepancies; released updated principles to include desktop video; developing a certification programme with first vendor companies expected to be certified early 2017

·       Brand Safety36 companies involved in the trading of digital display now certified in the third round of audits against the DTSG Good Practice Principles

·       Privacylaunched a working group to respond to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, and in discussion with Government and ICO following Brexit.

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