An Overview of the UK’s Digital Advertising Industry

Posted on: Tuesday 16 February 2021 | IAB UK

Download an overview of how digital advertising works, its economic benefits and how it is currently regulated 

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The internet has transformed how we work, shop, share, stay in touch and stay informed. It’s given rise to new industries, democratised information and unlocked innovation – and all of this is possible because of the advertising that supports our free and open web.  

In the UK, we have a world-leading digital advertising market that is worth over £15 billion and empowers businesses to grow, big and small. The creativity and technological advancements that digital advertising is fuelling are significant, while at an individual level, allowing people to benefit from ad-funded content and services.  

However, there is no denying that this is a complex industry. In this briefing we set out...  

  • How digital advertising works 

  • What the digital advertising supply chain looks like 

  • The value digital advertising offers to both society and businesses 

  • Current regulation of digital advertising  

  • What’s next for this essential industry  

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