Teamwork, flexibility and dad jokes: why the IAB UK is a great place to work

Posted on: Tuesday 13 March 2018 | Amanda Crowley

Workplace culture has never been more important, particularly as personal and professional lives increasingly converge. 

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More than just free snacks (or beer); employees want to work for organisations that understand people are more than their day job and thus provide a healthy work/life balance and an environment based on trust and transparency.

Today I’m pleased to say that the IAB UK was recognised as one of Campaign Magazine’s Best Places to Work based on its commitment to creating an innovative culture, social good, leadership and employee development.
Needless to say, culture is very important to the IAB. Our industry is innovative, dynamic and fast-moving, and so are our people; they add to the fabric of what we do and represent.
We are a social, upbeat team of 30 IABeers with various expertise (policy, finance, communications, research) and interests (baking, cycling, eating burgers) who have a great sense of teamwork. In fact, we pride ourselves on a team-oriented environment, with friendly co-workers you’d want to work with and spend time with both in and outside office hours.
But it’s more than just the killer benefits – like duvet days, a fully stocked fridge and snack cabinet, holiday and sabbatical leave, fun team outings and pub lunches – or cool work environment – with two orange slides connecting floors, uniquely themed conference rooms, hover boards and Xbox – that make IAB a great place to work.
For me, what really makes the IAB UK a best place to work is:

  • Safety: New ideas and questions are encouraged, and no one is excluded or made to feel uncomfortable.

  • Availability: Whilst always accessible, our down-to-earth C-squad consistently communicates with employees yet also gives us the autonomy and flexibility to do our job.

  • Communications: From Workplace by Facebook, to FAQs and crib sheets on industry trends, to round-ups of IAB press mentions and hot topics, communications are simple and direct with a whisper of that famously dry British humour.

  • Additionally, Mondays begin with an all-staff meeting, hosted by a different IABeer, where teams share their focus for the upcoming week.

  • Collaboration: We work together across departments to deliver big events and initiatives.

  • Flexibility: We’re not chained to a desk; hot-desking is encouraged and flexible working allows us to work from home when needed.

  • Development: Everyone is given the same opportunity to fine-tune skills through internal and external training, and we all meet with our managers for a weekly 121.

  • Jon Mew: I’m not just saying this for brownie points. I think most people would agree that our CEO is one of the best things about the IAB – he’s knowledgeable, approachable and funny, whether dressing up for charity or telling the new ‘dad joke’ he just learned.

But most important, perhaps, is that we know we’re a valued member of the team, and successes – small and large, personally or professionally – are celebrated accordingly.

Written by

Amanda Crowley

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