Publicis Media IQ Academy

Posted on: Monday 10 October 2016

Publicis Media IQ Academy is the hub for all e-learning across both Publicis Media and their advertiser clients.

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The launch coincides with requests of advertisers calling for greater agency transparency into digital buying techniques and practises. IQ Academy is seen as the tool that demystifies the media landscape but empowers users to understand how various technologies connect theoretically.

IQ Academy tracks a user’s journey from Ad Technology fundamentals through to campaign planning, execution, and optimisation and on to advanced topics such as the role of the DMP, Programmatic TV and Programmatic Inventory. Instructional Designers build the content using best practices in adult learning theory, incorporating gamification to increase interaction and ensure users retain more information.

Courses are self-paced to guarantee participants are engaging at a time that suits, which in turn helps to aid knowledge retention. Many of the courses contain multiple choice, drag and drop interaction and other types of engagement points – there are no long drawn out Powerpoints or videos and all content modules are kept under 15 minutes in a bid to make learning manageable.

IQ Academy works with a number of stakeholders both internally and externally to provide different vantage points on industry hot topics, new technology developments, and key trends to verify the content is accurate.

The flagship Programmatic Certification program provides users with the theory needed to decipher the complex programmatic campaign cycle. Learners who complete the Certification are accredited by Publicis Media and also endorsed by IAB UK, making this the premier destination for users looking to bolster their expertise in the sector.

IQ Academy is accessible to any Publicis Groupe employee - please speak to the Global Learning Strategy team for more information. See more about the IQ Academy in this video

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