IAB UK answers SMEs’ call for digital advertising guidance with new online tool

Posted on: Wednesday 11 November 2020 | IAB UK

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  • IAB UK launches interactive online tool to support small businesses, pulling together tailored advice on how to best use digital advertising from over 30 of its members 

  • This follows research showing that 40% of SMEs aren’t using digital advertising and, among those that do, more help is needed to get the most out of it

The industry body for digital advertising has today launched a new online tool to help small businesses use digital advertising and maximise the value they get from it. Pulling together IAB UK research and insight plus expert advice from over 30 members, the tool has been developed in response to SMEs’ call for more accessible, jargon-free advice on how to best use digital channels, particularly in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. 

Conducted earlier this year, IAB UK’s ‘Powering Up’ research found that while the majority of small businesses value digital advertising, 40% aren’t using it at all and, among those that do, more help is needed to leverage different channels effectively. In particular, SMEs wanted objective and easy-to-understand guidance curated by a single objective source. 

The tool asks small business owners and marketers to input a range of information about their objectives in order to serve them with bespoke advice - results cater for a range of budget levels between £500 and £5 million. Content includes planning advice from Mindshare and channel-specific guides on how to get started in everything from social media advertising to digital out-of-home, plus advice on implementing a digital measurement strategy, understanding programmatic advertising, and what makes for an effective digital ad campaign. Throughout, there are case studies to illustrate how different channels and strategies are delivering for small businesses. 

Jon Mew, CEO of IAB UK, said: “We all know that digital advertising can be complicated, especially if you aren’t familiar with the various channels and opportunities available. In response to SMEs’ call for more accessible and straightforward advice, this tool is essentially a one-stop-shop to help small businesses get the most out of digital. SMEs are crucial to our national economy and, as they deal with the acute impact of COVID-19, we know that digital advertising can play an important role in helping them navigate the fallout and recover. Our job is to now make sure that relevant companies know this resource exists so that they can draw on the expertise on offer.”

Craig Beaumont, Chief of External Affairs at Federation of Small Businesses, added: “As the voice for small businesses and the self-employed, we know from FSB members up and down the UK that there is real appetite for online advertising, even during COVID-19. Our campaign with the Mail and Metro demonstrated the enthusiasm for digital advertising from more than a thousand small businesses, so we welcome this easy-to-use new tool created by the IAB that will provide tailored guidance to help SMEs advertise for the first time, or take their current digital advertising to the next level.”

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