“IAB Believes…”: Tackling the digital ad Industry challenges head on

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Chief Executive, Guy Phillipson launches a focused industry initiative, “IAB Believes…” to address the big industry challenges and report progress on ad verification and privacy.

On the face of it, the digital advertising industry has a lot to celebrate: A £7.2bn market which represents nearly 40% of total media in the UK; and the renaissance of display, in particular, which grew at 26% last year to reach £2.2bn, driven by video, social ads, and the ability to target audiences more efficiently through programmatic trading – which will certainly account for the majority of display in 2015.

However, whilst the market is progressive, innovative and buoyant, there are five key issues, which present challenges and concerns to buyers and sellers of display advertising, namely:

  1. Brand safety
  2. Viewabilty
  3. Ad Fraud
  4. Ad Blocking
  5. Privacy

The IAB UK has been addressing these issues for some years, across the industry, through expert working groups, and international co-operation on standards. And more recently, it’s fair to say, IAB UK has been more vocal in the media on all of these topics.

But with the advent of the “IAB Believes…” initiative this month, we’re turning up the volume and pulling together all five challenges under one banner. Together with the IAB UK Board, we’ve set out a concise industry position and direction for each challenge. And during ‘IAB Believes…’ launch week we’re communicating the five statements and demonstrating how we’re tackling the challenges – dedicating one day to each topic.

“IAB Believes” is a rallying call and a public platform to take a clear stance and communicate how – together - we are addressing the issues which are most important to our customers.

“IAB Believes”: Five Summary Statements

  • The IAB believes in brand safety online. Maintaining processes that ensure a safe environment for ad trading, thereby minimising the risk of misplacement, protecting the integrity and reputation of brands, and stifling the funding of content and services that infringe copyright.

  • The IAB believes in maximising ad viewability. Working across the industry with accredited technology partners to develop cross platform standards, our goal is to achieve effective viewabilty, engagement and attention for advertisers' online campaigns.

  • The IAB believes in tackling ad fraud head on. We are committed to ensuring that the significant investment brands make in digital advertising is effective and reaches the right audience. Working with our industry partners, we will issue practical advice, and accredit technology solutions to stamp out fraud in the market.

  • The IAB believes in an ad funded internet. Our goal is to help make all forms of digital advertising more effective, efficient and relevant to the interests of brand marketers, customers and publishers alike. We want to help brands reach their audience and to provide revenue to publishers so they can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available to British citizens at the appropriate cost. We believe ad blocking undermines this approach.

  • The IAB believes in privacy. Together with our industry partners across Europe and beyond, we are working to ensure advertising businesses give citizens greater transparency and control over the information that is collected and used to make advertising more respectful, relevant and effective.

  • The digital ad industry has a strong record in resolving the new trading issues unique to online marketing– (does anyone remember the angst over third party ad serving)? We are determined to develop trading and technology standards for a safer marketplace, and once the viewability issues are resolved, we can move to the higher ground – trading on the golden commodity of verified consumer attention: a USP for digital advertising.

Above all, I’m so encouraged that all the key stakeholders across the ad industry - the UK trade bodies on JICWEBS, the technology companies gaining accreditation, and our friends in Europe and the US with whom we work hand in glove - are committed to close collaboration to tackle our biggest international challenges.

IAB Believes...together we can create the right environment for digital business to continue to develop online. Thank you for your support!

Guy Phillipson,

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