Google rolls out more travel planning features

Google is looking to position itself at the heart of travel planning, as it introduces more tools tailored towards individuals' trips.

Google is launching more features to help travellers plan their trips, as it aims to put itself at the centre of destination and journey research.

Users will find day plans, travel articles and activity suggestions all surfaced by the search engine when they start to look into destinations.

Those logged into a Gmail account when they book their flights and accommodation will also find more personally tailored recommendations.

The upcoming Your Trips feature will also make it easier for travellers to pick up where they left off with their planning last time.

Meanwhile, Google Flights show display whether services on certain routes at popular times, such as Christmas or New Year, are more expensive than usual.

It will then alert users to price decreases if they occur within five days of their original search.

Another useful tool is likely to be the hotel location score, which will allocate a mark to properties based on the bars, landmarks and transportation infrastructure nearby.

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