Experts pick their favourite brand campaigns of 2017

Eight experts have told The Drum what their favourite brand advertising campaigns of the last 12 months have been.

UK marketing experts have selected brand campaigns from This Girl Can, Cards Against Humanity and The North Face among their favourites of the past 12 months.

Industry publication The Drum asked leaders in the field what they thought were the best campaigns of 2017, with Louise Hunter, creative director of Brand Union, picking a passionate and inspirational ad from women's sports initiative This Girl Can as hers.

Bo Hellberg, executive creative director at Kaiser, picked Cards Against Humanity for cleverly using its product to make political comment on President Trump's administration.

Meanwhile, outdoor clothing brand The North Face received praise from WCRS executive creative director Ross Neil for the clever camera work and emotional story featured in its 'Imagination' ad.

Mr Neil explained: "Aside from all the skiing tricks in it that equate to some sort of OK GO-esque in-camera labour of love, it's the small conversational moments between the parents that absolutely nail this for me."

Other brands to receive praise in The Drum included Toyota, Pedigree, Gillette, the New York Times and Comic Relief.

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