Amazon's Christmas ad rated season's most effective

Posted on: Wednesday 06 December 2017

Amazon's Christmas advert is the one most likely to encourage consumers to make a purchase, according to new analysis.

Amazon's Christmas advertising campaign has been rated as the one most likely to encourage customers to make a purchase.

This is according to new analysis carried out by brand valuation firm Kantar Millward Brown, which rated 17 adverts from major brands to assess their effectiveness against a variety of factors, including their persuasiveness, entertainment, involvement and originality.

Amazon's offering was voted the one most likely to convert to a sale, followed by Aldi's ad featuring Kevin the Carrot, with Argos' advert coming in third place.

Despite being the most-anticipated campaign, John Lewis' Christmas advert only came in 13th place on the list, with the study authors believing that the Moz the Monster campaign wasn't as engaging as it could have been.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Jane Bloomfield, head of marketing at Kantar Millward Brown, said she believes the reason Amazon's campaign has performed so well is that is features "a single, clear benefit message that isn't hammered home, but rather woven into an engaging story".

"That seems to be the magic combination," she added.


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