AA/WARC: Brands to spend record £9.5bn on Christmas ads

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 | IAB UK

Advertisers are set to spend a record £9.5bn during the 2023 Christmas season, up 4.8% from last year, new figures show

New data released by the Advertising Association (AA) and WARC shows advertisers are set to spend a record £9.5bn during the festive season, a 4.8% increase on 2022’s £9bn spend.

The data also reveals nearly half (48%) of all adults credit Christmas ads with helping to spark gift ideas, while 70% of young adults (25-34) find Christmas ads to be the ultimate festive mood booster.

The figures also show that four out of five pounds are now spent on online advertising, and overall, media channels have experienced year-on-year growth. Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) leads the way with a 20.2% increase, while out-of-home advertising and online display follow closely with 10.3% and 9.1% growth, respectively. 

A singing Christmas tree, 80s legend Rick Astley and a fearless racoon are just some of the campaigns spreading festive joy this year.

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