IAB UK Content Submission Guidelines & FAQs

Posted on Tuesday 02 March 2021 | IAB UK

Check your content meets with our guidelines and learn more about the IAB UK Member Vault submission process 

What do we publish on the IAB UK Member Vault?  

We publish opinion pieces, podcasts, videos and events from members that celebrate digital advertising’s creativity and innovation. We are looking for content and thought leadership pieces that primarily help advertisers to understand and use digital advertising, as well as exploring exciting new areas. Please note: we don't publish news stories or press releases on the Member Vault. 


What makes your content stand out?  

To help your content standout, read our top tips on what is popular: 

  • Content that provides future-facing views and proactive ideas 

  • Content that constructively explores industry challenges and opportunities 

  • Shareable content: Listicles, trends, debunking myths, ‘How to excel at X’ 

  • Remember to simplify complex topics for the industry – we love plain English not jargon 

  • Education is key. We want everyone in the industry to learn more about the top trends - anything from data to diversity, html5 to header bidding - or any universally relevant research (as long as the piece isn't about selling your company) 

Things to avoid: 

  • Negativity towards other industry members/players is not received well – we are a trade body for everyone  

  • Opinion-led content that is solely focused on another IAB UK member

  • Content that is overly self-promotional of your own company or product  

How does the publishing process work?  

Only members can submit content to the IAB UK Member Vault. This can be in the form of an opinion, podcast, research, video or an event. Just go to https://www.iabuk.com/member-content and submit your content online. 


How long does content take to be published?  

A member of the IAB UK Team will review your content within 10 working days. You will be notified if your content is live on the IAB website.  


How long does your content stay up for?  

Your content will be available for one year. If your membership has lapsed your content will be removed from the IAB UK Member Vault.  


Unpublishing a piece of content?  

If you uploaded the content, you will also be able to unpublish the content. A member of the IAB UK Team will be notified of the removal. If a member of your team published the content and you no longer have access to the account, then please contact a member of the team on [email protected]


Any questions or want to get in touch? 

If you have any questions, then get in touch on [email protected] and a member of the IAB UK Team will get back to you.  


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