8 in 10 people would rather receive more ads than pay

Posted on Tuesday 06 February 2024

The new figures from IAB US show that nearly 80% of consumers would prefer to be served more ads in return for paying nothing for websites or apps

The findings form part of IAB US’s first-ever study into consumer thoughts, preferences, and concerns regarding their personal data and digital advertising overall. You can find the study in full here.

The research also shows that 79% of consumers feel that it would be unfair to those on lower incomes if the internet wasn’t ‘free and open’ and that 90% of people prefer personalised ads.

Speaking about the research, David Cohen, Chief Executive of the IAB in America, said: “Contrary to what some believe, this research unequivocally shows that consumers are aware of the value exchange between their data and personalised content and ad experiences.

“The ad-supported internet is good for consumers, it’s good for society, and it democratises access to information and entertainment.”

Other key findings include:

  • 80% agree the free and open internet is a social good
  • 91% would react negatively, including being frustrated, disappointed, angry, confused, or sad if they had to start paying for the websites/apps they currently use for free
  • 85% feel it’s important when websites/apps tell them the specific data they share


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