James Villa Holidays uses keywords to tailor destination ads



Over the past 35 years, James Villa Holidays have adapted to a rapidly changing travel and hospitality industry by keeping its focus squarely on customers and using technology to its advantage.

The company targets a broad audience, including large groups, families, retirees, young couples and LGBT travellers. This makes messaging a challenge when these groups have different ideas about what makes the perfect holiday.  

In order to reach its broad customer base, the company integrated its Adobe Advertising Cloud with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target in order to bring paid search and web analytics together to provide a clearer view of customers wherever they encounter the James Villa Holidays brand.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

James Villa Holidays uses Adobe Cloud Search to enable five people to manage 500,000 keywords. However, only after it enabled and integrated Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target was it able to form a complete picture of how individuals research and book holidays.

This enabled James Villa Holidays to serve relevant and personal experiences to visitors to the site. For example, if someone clicked on a paid ad featuring Tuscany as a destination, they were served content related to Tuscany when they arrived on the landing page.

By the same token, website behaviour - where people click, which pages they view, how long they stay - now informs the brand’s paid search advertising. For example, a visitor who chooses Menorca, an island off the coast of Spain, as a destination from the drop-down field might subsequently encounter paid ads for holidays in Menorca or similar locations.

Key statistics


Number of keywords managed

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

Adobe Analytics has opened a new world of insights for the whole business, not just digital marketing. From sales and product teams to content teams, departments have started to examine data at a more granular level. The company has even integrated its call tracking system, ResponseTap, with Adobe Analytics to pull customer call centre interactions into the mix.

Ultimately, the insights help make sense of how people make decisions about their holidays, so James Villa Holidays can better serve their needs and stand apart from the competition.

In a sentence...

Attracting travellers with targeted moments of inspiration.

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