Digital Out-of-Home Boost for Automotive Brand in Spain



Spanish car manufacturer CUPRA needed to increase brand awareness and foot traffic to its dealerships. CUPRA decided to engage Adsquare as a one-stop partner to run a programmatic DOOH campaign and to measure its drive-to-store campaign in Spain. According to the Financial Times, in 2020 domestic sales of Spanish-made vehicles registered a drop of about 35% compared with 2019. To respond to these challenges and intelligently allocate advertising efforts, CUPRA needed to find an effective technology to reach its customers, generate traffic to the dealerships and measure store visits. DOOH poster locations see very different audiences passing by each day. In fact, audiences can change by the hour and identifying the right audience at the right time to effectively place ads, remains a challenge.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

PHD Media and CUPRA decided to leverage the full potential of Adsquare's solutions. They ran a Proximity Targeting campaign by targeting all mobile devices close to CUPRA dealerships or to competitor's points of sale. In addition, via Adsquare’s data catalogue, they selected their desired audience, including people over 42 belonging to high or middle to high class, interested in buying luxury cars or in competitor brands. By combining audience segments and movement data, Adsquare's technology automatically calculates index values for each DOOH screen and ranks the inventory according to relevance. The index calculation is based on the ratio between all users seen in proximity of the DOOH screens and the client's desired audience and recalculated for every hour of a week. Finally, thanks to Adsquare ́s map-centric OOH dashboard, the client activated the relevant screens frequented by the desired audience programmatically via its pre-bid integration with The Trade Desk.

Key statistics


Visits attribuable


Visitation uplift

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement tracked 2,075 incremental visits attributable to this one-month long campaign, which corresponds to a visitation uplift of 127%. Through Adsquare's intelligence, PHD Media and CUPRA were able to optimise their ad spend by automatically targeting only those screens that were frequented by relevant audiences.


What’s the killer headline?

Digital Out-of-Home Boost for Automotive Brand in Spain

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