FreeWheel White Paper - The unrivaled value of premium Video

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2016

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A White Paper by the FreeWheel Council for premium video.

The complex, noisy world of digital advertising has become an increasingly challenging environment for brands to navigate. Growing numbers of advertisers are questioning whether they should be making the journey at all, contemplating reversing course and heading back to the familiar shores of traditional television. However, in stark contrast to the recent quality and transparency challenges often associated with some long-tail and exchange-purchased video, premium video represents a beacon of light that brands can rely on to safely find the audiences that will deliver the best outcomes.

Premium video publishers deliver valuable audiences at scale, in a high-quality, safe, and transparent context. Additionally, premium video significantly protects advertisers against risks inherent in lower-tier audience-only/audience-anywhere models, instead offering targetable and quantifiably real viewers across multiple screens.

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