Social Media Strategy


Find out where social is headed and how to align your business with its direction. The importance of risk management and a coherent content strategy. Plus, the psychology of content - why some content just 'works'.

Who is this course for?

  • Supply Side: Account Managers and Executives

  • Buy Side: Account Managers and Executives

  • Advertisers: Marketing Executives and Marketing Managers

What will you learn

  • How social media has evolved and where it is headed next

  • Why social media must be aligned to all areas of the business

  • The organisational challenges and value of social media

  • The importance of reputation, risk management and community strategy in social media

  • The importance of underpinning social media activity with a content and content marketing strategy

  • The psychology of social media marketing - why some content ‘works’

  • ‘Social selling’ and the role of internal influencers

  • External influencers and how to ID and manage them

  • The role of data in social media (organic and paid) and the marketing lifecycle

Available dates coming soon

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