Measurement & Planning

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How has display advertising got to where it is today and where it is heading next? How is strategic planning used throughout the purchase funnel journey? And how is digital activity tracked and measured? We cover all in this one-day training course, delving into different attribution methods and how to put them in place.

Who is this course for?

  • Supply-side: Account managers and execs

  • Buy-side: Account Manager and Executives

  • Advertisers: Marketing Executives and Junior marketing managers

What you will learn

  • How display advertising got to where it is today and where it is headed next

  • How strategic planning is used throughout the purchase funnel journey, covering the differences between brand and DR strategies

  • How digital activity is tracked and measured, covering current technologies and solutions

  • The different attribution methodologies that are used in digital advertising and the process for putting these in place

Available dates to book 

We run this course throughout the year, the upcoming dates for 2020 are listed below:

For more information on the event such as trainers and the full agenda you can click on the date, which will take you to the events page and enable to you book on to the event.

Bespoke training

In need of specific training? You’re in the right place. We’re experts in all things digital and can design bespoke courses to fit your needs. Just get in touch.

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Lasting two hours each, our virtual training modules have been designed to fit into your day while you work from home and provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills and keep your team up-to-date with latest best practice.