What is CPD?

Find out more about CPD training. 

‘Continuing Professional Development’ – 

- Continuing, because learning never ceases, regardless of age and seniority

- Professional, because it is focused on professional competence

- Development, because its goal is to improve personal performance and enhance the individual’s career

Why is CPD important to your role? 

By undertaking one of the IAB’s CPD approved courses, you are ensuring your knowledge is up to date, you’re relevant and that you are aware of the changing trends within the industry in a structured and practical way. 

Not only will you be enhancing your own skills, but you will be taking away practical tools to make you more effective in your workplace which can help advance your career> in many companies, it is mandated that you must undertake a certain amount of training hours to keep your knowledge current and skills relevant and in order to progress. 

Here at the IAB, we are committed to developing and educating the industry with the most up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing. We work with a team of experienced trainers, to provide the most relevant and topical courses. Each course is regularly updated with the latest industry research and figures and is often tailored to the course attendees. 

Not only are our intensive courses CPD approved, our workshops also meet the standard needed to qualify. 

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