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These FAQs have been developed by IAB UK members from different parts of the industry to help buyers understand more about the companies operating in digital advertising and where value is being added.

Content correct as of July 2019

The questions fall under three different categories


What is your business model and how do you make money?
Unruly is a global video marketplace. We match demand from the world's largest advertisers (95% of Ad Age 100 brands) with supply from premium, brand safe publishers (86% of our UK inventory is comscore 1,000 sites).

We have exclusive and first look inventory across 44 of News Corp owned sites worldwide. Our unique emotional testing and targeting capabilities, exclusive premium inventory and industry-leading brand safety certifications mean Unruly is the leading choice for advertisers looking to distribute awesome, impactful video campaigns. We sell digital inventory on the basis of CPM, CPCV and CPV.

Can you outline the full details of the agreement on a booking form / contract?
Yes, we outline this as standard, including booked volumes, rates, dates, site list and targeting parameters.

Will you share who your trading partners are?
On the demand side, we engage in bespoke trading partnerships according clients’ needs and are bound not to share at the request of the trading partner.



Do you own the inventory you sell?
Yes, we sell our own inventory from the News Corp portfolio & we also sell 3rd party Ads.txt verified inventory via our video ad exchange called UnrulyX. This O&O & 3rd party supply is made available to DSPs to buy via the OpenRTB protocol.

If you don’t own your own inventory then how do you access inventory and which platforms do you use?
Unruly has a proprietary ad exchange called UnrulyX. We access 3rd party inventory via our publisher tags. These tags are either on the publisher's website pages or within their header-bidding configurations. Our publisher connections are always direct and as a result, we are listed as a partner in the publisher's Ads.txt files.

Do you specify your media placements and positions?
Managed Service: We specify media formats and give campaign site-lists at proposal stage. Programmatic: Placement IDs, size, location and formats are specified in the bid request upfront and they are also detailed within in post-campaign reports.

What insights do you provide back to advertisers?
We provide reporting during the campaign and detailed post campaign reviews. Our reporting includes standard metrics like CTR, VTR, and engagement rates, for programmatic campaigns this includes win rate & bid rate, view rate. We also provide viewability and IVT measurement through MOAT as standard. We are also able to provide emotional insights via our UnrulyEQ products and brand recall metrics via our brand lift studies.

Does the inventory you own or access include UGC content?
No. Working with Unruly, advertisers benefit from our direct premium media relationships and our priority access to News Corp owned sites.Unruly only works with brand-safe premium content sites. Often readers can comment on articles, but the content the ad unit is served is in vetted environments.

What brand safety measures do you use?
Unruly takes brand safety extremely seriously and is dedicated to offering all partners complete trust & transparency. To that end, we have an in-house brand safety team, Unruly Shield, working full time to ensure that ad placement is rigorously vetted and independently audited, and monitored, by 3rd party verification companies (MOAT and Grapeshot). We have invested in and earnt the TAG tier 1 certification and we are one of only 4 companies worldwide that are independently validated for BOTH IQG and Anti Fraud. (One of only 7 companies independently validated for IQG, one of 19 companies for Anti Fraud - source: https://www.tagtoday.net/ )

Which industry standards have you been certified against?
JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles. JICWEBS Anti Fraud. TAG IQG - Tier 1 Certified. TAG Anti Fraud - Tier 1 Certified. IAB Gold Standard.

Do you have a policy in place for ad-misplacement?
Unruly uses Grapeshot for keyword contextual analysis and blocking. This means that any unsafe content is blocked at an article level within our exchange before the auction even starts.

Are you happy to share your optimisation tactics?
Yes. Our techniques focus on upweighting delivery to best performing creatives, sites and audiences. We are able to add interactive features to the player. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms allow us to serve impressions on placements more likely to reach full completion.



Under GDPR what legal basis are you providing your services under?
Legitimate interest and consent. We have adopted the IAB GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework. For further information, please visit https://unruly.co/gdpr/

If consent is the mechanism then can you prove how you obtained it?
Where Unruly is relying on consent as a legal basis to place cookies, tags and other technologies on users’ browsers and devices, we expect publishers to obtain this consent and pass the consent to Unruly. We suppport the IAB GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework to pass other vendors any consent or legitimate interest signal where available via the user.ext.consent and regs.ext.gdpr fields.EA.

Are you using the IAB Framework?

What other 3rd party data partners require consent for your business to deliver its service?
Lotame, our DMP.

What do you do with data you obtain from advertiser’s campaigns or data tags?
Campaign data is stored securely in our proprietary ad server UnrulyX and used to make optimisations on campaign per campaign basis. We don't have access to information from data tags that advertisers have requested we implement unless they share reports with us for optimisation purposes on an ad hoc basis.

Are advertisers permitted to appoint their own 3rd party partners for verification and measurement?

Will you provide a link to your privacy and data policies?

Will you share how you build audience, contextual and targeting segments?


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Please note the answers given are self-declared and are not verified by IAB UK or independently audited, unlike under industry-owned programmes such as JICWEBS. To view the latest JICWEBS Certifications, visit https://jicwebs.org/certification-process/signatories/

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