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Posted on Friday 11 February 2022 | IAB UK

The following responses have been supplied by Telegraph Media Group regarding its measurement and the ad verification process. This is part of an initiative to map the measurement options offered by our media owner and platform members as part of National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day (February 2022)

Check out the rest of the results to discover, at a glance, which suppliers are being used as well as what measurement metrics are offered by Telegraph Media Group and other media owners/platforms here


Do you offer advertisers verification information about the campaigns they run with you, for example around areas like viewability and brand safety?


As you offer advertisers verification information about the campaigns they run with you, how do you predominantly operate?
Use own third-party provider. (See which third-party providers are used by media owners/platforms here).


Please outline how and when you work with third-party providers. If you work with multiple providers please also outline the process for deciding which company to work with for campaigns.
We work with Moat but allow advertisers to run their own tracking e.g IAS and DV.


As you offer viewability metrics to advertisers. Do you have a minimum viewability % you work to as a campaign average?
We follow Moat's benchmarks for optimisation purpose (64.1%). However, we do not guarantee a minimum viewability.


Do you offer advertisers performance information about campaigns they run with you on other platforms?
For video: combination of GAM and other third-party partner that is running each campaign. E.g Teads, Adapt, SeenThis. For audio: Art19.


If you've said that you use a third-party to provide advertisers with performance information, which third-parties have you worked with in the last 12 months? Please outline all that apply and where this differs by platform.
For video: Google Ad Manager, Teads, Adapt, SeenThis. For audio: Art19.


Have you worked on any measurement or insight projects on ‘attention’ over the last few years? 
The Telegraph introduced the Metrics That Matter concept, which shows advertisers how the campaigns performed across attention metrics and brand metrics. We mainly work with Moat and Brand Metrics.


Finally, in terms of digital metrics and measurement, is there anything else you would like to add which advertisers would find useful?
We are starting to look at Media Quality metrics, which include Domain Safety Score, Domain Engagement, Average ads per page, Brand Safety Measurement Rate, Safe and Unsafe Rates.

To find out which other companies submitted responses, please visit our member directory here.


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