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Want to speak at an event where nobody will be taking notes? Find out all you need to know here


What will make a successful proposal?

  • Remember at Nonference delegates don’t take notes, they take part. So you need to make your 40 minute session as interactive as possible. Are delegates able to build, experience, and create something during your session? Then you are probably on the right track

  • We want to cover subjects on all aspects of digital advertising. What do you feel is the most important bit of advice or knowledge you can pass to a delegate to help improve their business or job role?

  • Delegates at Nonference want to see the latest in technology. Have you got some interesting tech that people can experience? We want to hear from you!

  • We would also love to hear sessions on Wellbeing, Personal Development and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

  • Don’t feel you need to ask for the biggest room to get the most out of your session, our highest rated sessions were our more intimate workshop sessions, where delegates were able to interact and ask questions from their session providers

  • Sessions are limited! Stand out by being creative with your session content. Those who can offer delegates a fun, hands on, educational experience are more likely to make the cut!

To make a proposal submission, please download the form below and send a completed version to anna@iabuk.com

The submissions deadline has now passed.

If your company would be interested in sponsoring Nonference, you can find details here

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