These FAQs have been developed by IAB UK members from different parts of the industry to help buyers understand more about the companies operating in digital advertising and where value is being added.

Content correct as of February 2019

The questions fall under three different categories


What is your business model and how do you make money?
MiQ is an independent marketing intelligence company. Our vision is to reimagine the value of marketing by providing connected data products to discover insights that drive business outcomes. We make money through the delivery of programmatic ad campaigns bought on a transparent pre-agreed service markup or via a ‘cost per’ model i.e. CPM, CPE, CPCV.

Can you outline the full details of the agreement on a booking form / contract?
Insertion orders are provided prior to any campaign launch. Details include flight dates, booking quantity, cost type, rate, total cost, appropriate/inappropriate schedules and relevant campaign targeting objectives. Insertion orders also cite our Terms & Conditions, method of inventory sourcing (consistent with the IAB Gold Standard initiative) and JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles certification.

Will you share who your trading partners are?
Yes, MiQ are transparent regarding our trading partners. MiQ disclose technology, data, inventory and platform partnerships with new and existing customers, while our agency/advertiser trading partners are available upon request.



Do you own the inventory you sell?
MiQ do not own or operate any inventory.

If you don’t own your own inventory then how do you access inventory and which platforms do you use?
Inventory is sourced from ad exchanges/SSPs, made available through our licensed DSP partners, AppNexus, DV360, Amazon and The TradeDesk. Inventory is curated within each DSP to provide customers with access to multiple programmatic channels across preferred, private and open-exchange auction types.

Do you specify your media placements and positions?
Yes, these are often disclosed within the campaign targeting objectives in the insertion order. Site/app lists are available upon request and reports are regularly provided throughout campaigns.

What insights do you provide back to advertisers?
Insights are core to our company vision and are interwoven into all optimisation and reporting. Inventory insights include but are not limited to site/apps, exchange, auction-type, size (and others relevant to the ad format). While metrics relate to performance, ad verification, brand safety, inventory quality and viewability. Broader insights such as audience, creative, campaign delivery and macro events i.e. influence of weather, sentiment etc. are all provided as default.

Does the inventory you own or access include UGC content?
UGC content is an optional selection. UGC content can be black/whitelisted upon request.

What brand safety measures do you use?
MiQ use leading independently certified content verification tools and proprietary technology to implement pre and post bid brand safety solutions. MiQ’s brand safety measures can be found here: http://www.wearemiq.com/brand-safety-policy/

Which industry standards have you been certified against?
MiQ are certified and follow the JICWEBS DTSG and Anti Ad Fraud Good Practice Principles. MiQ are IAB Gold Standard certified and hold a TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal.

Do you have a policy in place for ad-misplacement?
Ad-misplacement policies can be found within MiQ’s brand safety policy here: http://www.wearemiq.com/brand-safety-policy/

Are you happy to share your optimisation tactics?
Yes. Optimisation tactics and overarching strategies are shared with customers. The best/worst performing optimisation tactics are summarized and reported on a weekly cadence, with more detailed insights shared on a monthly/quarterly cadence. Customers are also provided self-serve platform access for on-demand optimisation updates.



Under GDPR what legal basis are you providing your services under?

If consent is the mechanism then can you prove how you obtained it?
MiQ follow the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework.

Are you using the IAB Framework?
Yes. Our Vendor ID is 101.

What other 3rd party data partners require consent for your business to deliver its service?
MiQ are able to deliver our service independent of 3rd party data partner consent. However, in instances where 3rd party data is leveraged we partner exclusively with those that follow the IAB framework and are registered within the Global Vendor & CMP List. MiQ will not process data or partner with 3rd parties unless it can be evidenced user consent has first been obtained.

What do you do with data you obtain from advertiser’s campaigns or data tags?
MiQ use data for a) ad personalisation, b) ad selection, reporting and delivery, c) content delivery, selection and reporting and d) measurement. A more comprehensive overview of data usage can be found in our privacy policy.

Are advertisers permitted to appoint their own 3rd party partners for verification and measurement?
Yes, absolutely. MiQ have long-lasting partnerships with most recognized ad verification and measurement providers and are agnostic based upon customer preference.

Will you provide a link to your privacy and data policies?
Please find here: http://www.wearemiq.com/privacy-policy/

Will you share how you build audience, contextual and targeting segments?
MiQ use a blend of human and machine learning methods for the curation of targeting segments. The principles, approach and input criteria are shareable and customer-facing. Insights are provided throughout campaigns to showcase the most pertinent components of targeting segments and their respective campaign influence.

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Please note the answers given are self-declared and are not verified by IAB UK or independently audited, unlike under industry-owned programmes such as JICWEBS. To view the latest JICWEBS Certifications, visit https://jicwebs.org/certification-process/signatories/

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