Interact 2018

Posted on: Sunday 20 September 2020

AB Europe’s Interact 2018 Annual Conference is the premiere gathering of Europe’s digital advertising industry, bringing together the cream of industry leaders from across Europe’s digital advertising ecosystem, from advertisers to publishers, agencies to technology companies.

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To book visit the Interact 2018 website 

Interact will provide a unique perspective on all of the forces reshaping the digital world: from the significance of GDPR to the critical debate over ePrivacy in Europe, the true state of digital advertising, and the likely impact of rapidly emerging technologies. The digital landscape is transforming – and that can only mean transformation for the business landscape as well. 

Over two days, Interact 2018 will explore the impact of these trends, while highlighting the strategies that are helping businesses thrive in a freshly disrupted digital era, and celebrating the best of digital advertising at IAB Europe’s Gala Dinner and Awards ceremonies: 

  • The results of the AdEx Benchmark Report will provide a definitive guide to the state of digital advertising in Europe

  • EU data protection experts will reveal the potential impact of ePrivacy legislation on digital advertising in Europe, and how IAB Europe is addressing the issue

  • Top marketers will share their experience of GDPR implementation as we establish best practice on compliance going forward

  • Marketing pioneers will unwrap the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things, debating their true significance for business and revealing where the opportunities lie

  • Top marketers and agency leaders will debate the best way to source and develop skills for the next era in digital

  • The MIXX Awards Europe celebrate the best digital advertising in the region and reveal the strategies proven to deliver results on digital platforms

  • The IAB Europe Research Awards will showcase the contribution that digital research makes to the development of the advertising industry 


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