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IAB UK Industry Groups Mission

‘Bringing the industry together to collaborate on projects and initiatives that help sustain, and grow, the digital advertising market’. 

This mission is achieved through Education, Collaboration, and Steering. 

IAB UK Steering Groups

IAB UK steering groups are capped at 25 companies and have been set up by IAB members to put more resource behind growing, and sustaining, certain areas of digital advertising. A steering group seat is £10.5k per annum, on top of the standard membership fee. The groups meet every 6-8 weeks. 

Steering Groups:

To find out more please contact Mike Reynolds, Senior Industry Initiatives Manager,

Steering Group benefits include:

  • Meet every 6-8 weeks

  • Set the objectives and agenda of IAB projects and initiatives

  • Quarterly steering group viewpoints

  • Discipline specific outputs

  • Opportunity to feed into cross discipline projects

  • 2 x discipline specific workshops

  • Discipline specific IAB seminars

  • Personal and company profile on the IAB website

  • Opportunity to feature in the IAB podcast

  • Dedicated budget for steering group initiative (e.g. research)

  • Agency representation at the meetings

  • 15% off Nonference sponsorship / steering group seminars

  • 1 x free ticket to Nonference

Discipline Advisory Groups

IAB discipline advisory groups, open to all members, bring the industry experts together to collaborate on projects and initiatives to help sustain, and grow, different digital channels. These groups meet once a quarter.

Discipline Advisory Groups:

To find out more about these advisory groups, please contact Clarissa Cameron:

Specialism Advisory Groups

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