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Posted on Friday 11 February 2022 | IAB UK

The following responses have been supplied by Hearst Media Group regarding its measurement and the ad verification process. This is part of an initiative to map the measurement options offered by our media owner and platform members as part of National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day (February 2022)


Check out the rest of the results to discover, at a glance, which suppliers are being used as well as what measurement metrics are offered by Hearst Media Group and other media owners/platforms here


Do you offer advertisers verification information about the campaigns they run with you, for example around areas like viewability and brand safety?


As you offer advertisers verification information about the campaigns they run with you, how do you predominantly operate?
Use own third-party provider. (See which third-party providers are used by media owners/platforms here).


Please outline how and when you work with third-party providers. If you work with multiple providers please also outline the process for deciding which company to work with for campaigns.
We assess their integration requirements and how robust their solutions are. We also take into account what tools our partners are using. We also like to see how this technology can be used to give our clients the best possible inventory, which is brand safe and high quality.


As you offer viewability metrics to advertisers, do you have a minimum viewability % you work to as a campaign average?
We work towards 70% viewable for all direct sold campaigns as standard.


Do you offer advertisers performance information about the campaigns they run with you, for example around areas like reach, clicks and brand uplift?
Yes. (See what performance information is offered, by platform, here).


Have you worked on any measurement or insight projects on ‘attention’ over the last few years? 
Hearst are currently working on an attention project which we hope to share with the IAB publisher group.


Finally, in terms of digital metrics and measurement, is there anything else you would like to add which advertisers would find useful? 
We would like to see a strong link between advertiser metrics that they measure on their own sites vs. the performance that we would see as publishers. For example a high CTR from a publisher view may not create a high sales campaign versus a low CTR campaign. It's understanding the relationship there which we think will change the way we score campaigns, or at least sharing the insights to a publisher would be beneficial.

To find out which other companies submitted responses, please visit our member directory here.


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