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These FAQs have been developed by IAB UK members from different parts of the industry to help buyers understand more about the companies operating in digital advertising and where value is being added.

Content correct as of March 2019


The questions fall under three different categories:


What is your business model and how do you make money?

Celtra is a creative technology software company and we licence our self-service software to publishers, technology partners, agencies and advertisers.

Can you outline the full details of the agreement on a booking form / contract?

Yes. Each client has an agreement (typically an annual subscription) with us which includes the fees they will pay for usage of our software.

Will you share who your trading partners are?

Yes. As a creative technology company we do not buy or sell media and our software does not enable the buying or selling of media.



Do you own the inventory you sell?

N/A. We do not sell any inventory.

If you don’t own your own inventory then how do you access inventory and which platforms do you use?

N/A. We do not control the inventory bought / sold for advertising creatives built using our software.

Do you specify your media placements and positions?

N/A. We do not sell any inventory.

What insights do you provide back to advertisers?

Celtra provides full visibility into the delivery on each client's dashboard of all ad campaigns, insights, and creative performance running on the Celtra Platform. Insights may include event-based or audience-based insights which are specific to the client, and Celtra occasionally provides thought leadership to its client base through blog posts, case studies, and other advertising showcases.

Does the inventory you own or access include UGC content?

N/A. We do not own or control access to inventory.

What brand safety measures do you use?

We do not provide brand safety services, however our product integrates with DoubleVerify, IAS, etc.

Which industry standards have you been certified against?

N/A. We do not own or control access to inventory.

Do you have a policy in place for ad-misplacement?

N/A. We do not own or control access to inventory.

Are you happy to share your optimisation tactics?

Yes. Optimisation of digital creative is performed by our clients operating our software so they are always aware of optimisation having proactively configured it. For clarity, our software optimises creative and not media.



Under GDPR what legal basis are you providing your services under?

Celtra offers its clients with options concerning the scope of data collected from persons in the EEA. For clients who choose to collect and process personal data for creative optimization, Celtra serves as a data processor, who processes data in accordance with its client's instructions. In these instances, the first-parties typically obtain ad recipient consent and pass appropriate data to Celtra.

If consent is the mechanism then can you prove how you obtained it?

As a self-service SaaS platform, Celtra contratually relies on its client to only utilise the Celtra platform to process data for which the client has obtained consent. For clients who have chosen to share personal data with Celtra, Celtra has data protection agreements in place which specify the scope and purpose of such processing.

Are you using the IAB Framework?

Celtra is participating in the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework as a vendor.

What other 3rd party data partners require consent for your business to deliver its service?

Celtra clients can utilise first or third-party data in connection with the Celtra platform.

What do you do with data you obtain from advertiser’s campaigns or data tags?

Data collected by the Celtra platform belongs to the applicable Celtra client, and can be used by the client in any way. In connection with client instructions, Celtra may use this data for creative personalisations or optimisation. If Celtra clients choose to participate in the Celtra Creative Insights program, Celtra may also use such data to generate aggregated client creative insights.

Are advertisers permitted to appoint their own 3rd party partners for verification and measurement?


Will you provide a link to your privacy and data policies?;

Will you share how you build audience, contextual and targeting segments?

Celtra does not build audiences by default. It is possible for clients to build audiences using the Celtra platform based on audience interactions, but it is more common for clients to build audiences in DMPs and import them into the Celtra platform for activation.


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