Better Together: Inspiration from our industry

Posted on: Thursday 09 April 2020

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Better Together: Inspiration from our industry

‘We’re all in this together’ is something we’re hearing a lot of at the moment and it applies to our industry too - we believe that uniting our members has never been more important. 

Here we bring together inspiring examples of how businesses are adapting to the COVID-19 outbreak and embracing new ways of working. From providing support and advice for the industry, to team building, to socialising, take a look at how we’re remaining connected in a world that feels disconnected. Got something to add? Get in touch


Let’s Get Quizzical

IABWe’ll start with what we at IAB UK are doing. With plenty of Zooms zooming around throughout the week, we’re getting our thinking caps on every Friday for a pub quiz. We’ll be grabbing a glass of our favourite tipple and getting all kinds of competitive.



A Global View 

PubmaticWith COVID-19 having impacted most industries across the globe, the team at PubMatic have put together an infographic charting the impact COVID-19 has had on global ad spend. Delving into data on automotive, real estate, pets, shopping, travel and the arts. 

View the infographic here.



Home Office Blues

adjustWorking from home is becoming the new ‘norm’, but for so many the prospect of working from your kitchen, living room or bedroom for the coming months can be rather daunting. As a global company, Adjust has seen many of its offices working from home since January and have put together some top tips and innovative ideas for beating the home office blues. 

See the tips here


Evolving OOH 

TalonWith a rather dramatic shift in how we live our lives - from social distancing and working from home to changing our shopping and exercise habits - what will happen when we go back to ‘normal’? Talon Outdoor’s Group Strategy Director Sophie Pemberton spoke to The Drum about how the current situation is changing the OOH industry and what the future holds, as well as real time analysis from Ada on the true UK population movement during the COVID-19 outbreak. Providing a holistic view of the UK across all OOH formats and key environments, they are sharing these insights to support the wider industry.


SME Support 

FacebookIt’s no surprise that the role of social media platforms is coming to the fore as social distancing takes effect. Facebook has launched a Business Support Hub to help small businesses grow resilience and ride out the outbreak’s economic fallout. 

It has also set up a $100 million grant programme for 30,000 small businesses in 30 countries around the world. Find out more here.


Video Victory 


Google has just launched a new YouTube campaign to encourage people to stay at home. Bringing together a multitude of content to get your teeth into, from cooking and cleaning tips to workout videos and studying resources - there’s something for everyone. 

It has also put together a handy six step guide on how to master video calls while working at home - find out more - as well as lending a helping hand to event organisers across the globe with a guide on hosting virtual events via YouTube. Give it a read


Mind Over Matter 

NabsMany of us are currently feeling anxious, isolated and uncertain about what the future holds. To help protect our mental wellbeing, industry body NABS is offering wellbeing and career coaching via phone or video call, as well as online group masterclasses

Read more from NABS’s Head of Support Annabel McCaffrey via Mediatel


Addressing Anxiety 

Sanctus“A lot of what is happening right now right now with Coronavirus isn’t a virus problem, it’s an anxiety problem”, tweeted Sanctus on 10 March. The level of anxiety the virus has created is understandable, but it can feel insurmountable. Sanctus provide virtual coaching, as well as producing a guide to managing your mental health and staying productive while working from home



Charting changes

BlisWhile the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, the Blis team is monitoring patterns of consumer behaviour to help brands understand how best to communicate with their customers. They’ll be providing regular updates via ‘The changing behaviour series’, including trends they’re seeing in the data and how it is being reflected by brands’ activity around the world. Take a look at the latest updates:



Share of voice matters more than ever
Loyalty is a long game and reinforcing trust is key
A view on grocery shopping in the uk
Changing Behaviour Series: Got Game
Changing Behaviour Series: Sports in the Virtual World


Tracking the traffic 

Similar-webSimilarweb are offering a daily assessment of the repercussions on consumer and business behavior amid the growing coronavirus outbreak. The tool drills down into data on the sectors and industries that are being most impacted, as well as tracking the traffic patterns to different websites offering statistics on COVID-19. Take a look.



It needs all of us
AnomalyDuring these uncertain times, creative agency Anomaly have created a powerful campaign to galvanise and unite us all. A rallying cry to be the change we want to see, the fully downloadable campaign includes a host of assets, logos, animations, posters, stickers and is open to all. It’s been created as a call to arms to turbo-charge behaviour change, while supporting existing official messaging.


Download the assets to share here.


Learn with Teads
teadsLearning something new or developing your skills while being cooped up at home can seem like a pretty impossible challenge for most. Well, the team over at Teads are running a learning series for advertiser, agency and publisher partners. Featuring Teads’ top thought leaders, the series will delve into areas that can add value in these difficult times. 


Find out more here.


Trending Now 

MoPubThe current crisis we are all going through is changing consumers behaviour and advertisers should adapt their media plans accordingly. To provide timely and actionable data, MoPub has tracked global app usage trends during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read the study here and see below for more analysis of consumer habits. 


The 'In App gap' where premium eyeballs go to waste

Who's playing mobile games in 2020?

80% adoption of App-ads.txt


Relax & Unwind

CaptifyCaptify’s ‘Wellness Stream’ sees  Alister Grey, life coach and founder of Mindful Talent, host 30 minute live meditation sessions. Get involved here

As well focusing on all things wellness, Captify is creating weekly impact reports to keep everyone up to speed with the impact of COVID-19 on consumer demand. 
Finally, a brand new Trends Desk is providing a valuable resource for brands and agencies to submit custom insight requests and answer some of the challenges they’re facing.

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