Benefits for Media Owners

It is the IAB’s mission to ensure that media owners can effectively monetise the content they produce and continue to fund quality journalism. IAB membership offers both non-pure play and digital publishers the opportunity to highlight what works within the channel while defending self-regulating policies and principles.

Here are  the top 5 reasons why your brand should be an IAB member:

1.  Safeguarding
IAB UK steers regulatory affairs and public policy initiatives that promote self-regulation, best practice and industry standards. Membership provides the opportunity to steer conversations around guiding principles, while giving recognition to those who comply.

2.  Advocacy
IAB UK offers collaboration within industry-facing steering and advisory meetings to actively shape initiatives to create positive change within digital advertising. Plus, there are opportunities to showcase your own research, thought leadership, and creative thinking via, events, workshops and more.

3.  Networking
IAB UK acts as the hub for digital media professionals. With an unrivalled events programme of over 50 events we’ve got summits, conferences, seminars and roundtables covering a range of topics about digital advertising. What’s more IAB events provide valuable exposure for media owners to share their thought leadership with a captive audience.

4.  Learning
IAB UK offers bespoke, in-house and public training courses and workshops to simplify the complex and up-skill teams for commercial success.

5.  Knowledge
IAB UK is committed to demystifying a complex and ever-evolving industry. Membership gives access to research, FAQ’s, best practice guidelines & ‘how to’ bitesize content to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital advertising.

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