Speaker & Sponsorship Opportunities

The IAB hosts over 40 events a year, ranging from our flagship annual events, IAB Engage, Leadership Summit and the IAB UK Digital Upfronts week, to engaging seminars, research breakfasts and verticals and our most recently launched event ‘Nonference.' 

If you're interested in speaking at any of the IAB's events, email events@iabuk.com for a submission form.

And if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, check out the details below. 

Engage (5 June 2019)

Barbican Centre, 1000 + delegates, full day conference with drinks

  • Exclusive Headline Sponsor: £40k

  • Main Sponsor (up to 8): £22k

  • Supporting Sponsor (up to 3): £14k

  • Networking Drinks Sponsor: £16k

  • Recharge Zone Sponsor: £12K

Please email events@iabuk.com for more information. 

Engage sponsorship

Nonference (29 October 2019)

Tobacco Dock, 500+ delegates.

Full day of multiple sessions hosted simultaneously, from larger listen and learns to smaller debates and demos, so that everyone, whatever their level and position in the industry, comes out with a unique digital journey.

  •  Exclusive Headline Sponsor: £50k

  •  Main Sponsor (up to 3): £20k

  •  Supporting Sponsor (up to 4): £15k

  •  Stream Sponsor: £10k

  •  Exhibiting Partner: £8k

  •  Water Bottle Sponsorship: £7.5k

  •  Lanyard Sponsor: £2.5k

  •  Wi-Fi Sponsor: £2.5k

Please email events@iabuk.com for more information. 


IAB UK Digital Upfronts

The IAB UK Digital Upfronts are a showcase of premium digital advertising opportunities from some of the UK’s leading content creators and media owners. Participating companies put on an event to highlight their most premium digital offerings for advertisers and agencies.

  • Partner: £15k



Digital Britain (4 April 2019)

Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. 200 + delegates.

  • Exclusive Sponsor: £35k OR Main Sponsor (up to 3): £12k

  • Shared Supporting Sponsor (up to 5): £6k

  • Networking Drinks and Supporting Sponsor: £9k

  • Networking Sponsor Only: 4k

Please email francesca@iabuk.com for more information.

Digital Britain


14 Macklin Street, 4 hours morning or afternoon

  • Exclusive Sponsor: £3.5k

  • Shared Sponsor (up to 3): £2k each


Research Breakfast

14 Macklin Street, 9am - 10am with breakfast

  • Exclusive Sponsor: £1.5k 

Research Breakfast

Vertical Snapshots

14 Macklin Street 9am - 11am

  • Exclusive Sponsor: £3.5k

  • Shared Sponsor (up to 3): £2k


Get in touch by emailing events@iabuk.com

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