MEMBER RESEARCH: S4M - In-App Mobile Advertising Impact


S4M, a mobile programmatic platform, recently released this study in partnership with IPSOS France. It evaluates how advertisers should invest in mobile campaigns to attain the best results.

Executive summary of key findings:

1) Mobile in-app formats leave a longer lasting brand impression than desktop formats.

43% of respondents exposed to an interstitial format on their mobiles were able to recall the ad. Only 14% of respondents exposed to desktop banner formats could recall the ad and only 21% for desktop respondents exposed to desktop video formats.

2) Impactful brand attribution via mobile ads

96% of respondents that recalled the ad 2 weeks after campaign exposure where able to name the brand in the ad.

3) Mobile advertising boosts brand appreciation

Respondents exposed to an interstitial ad rated the brand 26 points higher than unexposed respondents. 49% of respondents exposed to a MPU or interstitial format said that the ad contributed to a positive impression of the brand.

4) Mobile campaigns are effective in stimulating purchases

35% of respondents exposed to either MPU or interstitial formats expressed intention to visit the brand’s store or website. These results show that in-app campaigns can meet branding and performance based objectives.

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