MEMBER RESEARCH: Rakuten Shopper Profiles 2017

Rakuten Marketing

This research aims to highlight the shopping behaviours that will drive fashion, luxury, beauty and travel purchases in 2017. It also highlights digital purchasing patterns and shows how marketers in the UK, US and Australia can influence retail sales.

Research based on data from across Rakuten Marketing's extensive advertising network.

Using data from across their extensive network, four profiles have been revealed, which highlight digital purchasing patterns and show how marketers in the UK, US and Australia can influence retail sales. These profiles are:

  • Discount Dependents

  • Luxury Loyalists

  • Impulse-Led

  • Couch Converters

The data-led approach moves away from thinking of shoppers in terms of their age, gender and job, which they deem as no longer effective in the age of the modern and complex consumer journey. In each case, the data on which these profiles are based challenges common preconceptions of how certain shoppers behave.

For example, their research reveals that Discount Dependent shoppers – those bargain-savvy consumers looking to get the most from their cash – are consistently looking out for savings. Despite the assumptions, their spending is consistent both in terms of the time of day they shop (a less than 2% increase at 7pm – a time that is typically a peak for post-work online shopping), and across consecutive purchases. Always on the lookout for a bargain, these shoppers are best targeted consistently, rather than just at the sales peaks they are associated with.

Another of the key findings is the lengthening of the research and consideration phase of digital purchases. Even for Couch Converters, who look to brands for clear direction on what to purchase when, mobile conversion from the highest purchase type interaction (i.e. a click rather than an impression) still takes an average of 27 hours. A multi-channel approach that caters for this need of in-depth online research is essential if retailers are to succeed in encouraging modern consumers to the point of sale.

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