MEMBER RESEARCH: Freewheel - the impact of evolving video dynamics


This paper, from Freewheel, explores the video viewability landscape, navigating the complexities of multiple standards, verification methods and offerings to establish whether it’s time to evolve the existing industry baseline standards.

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Looking at the wider digital and premium spheres, this paper also reveals why high-quality environments are a more sensible investment for not only quality ad views but also effectiveness. 

Key takeaways

1)  The lack of consistency in terms of defining a video view is causing discord between all stakeholders and hampering the full potential of the video ecosystem.

2)  Though clear and consistent standards are crucial, current viewability guidelines need a revamp to meet the needs of modern advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

3)  The viewability debate is a major distraction from the adoption of metrics that comprehensively measure success; the industry must also focus on metrics that truly move the needle for advertisers.

4)  The cost of premium video advertising may be higher than other platforms, but when weighed against its returns—true ad views, engagement, effectiveness and brand-safety assurance—premium video is undeniably more valuable. 

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