Member Research: Earlier Than Ever Christmas 2020

Posted on: Monday 20 July 2020 | Pinterest

Pinterest find out why holiday preparations have kicked off early in their new report 'Earlier than ever Christmas 2020' 

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There may never be another holiday season quite like this one. Historically, people on Pinterest start making holiday plans in September. This year, people around the world started searching and saving for the holidays… in April. 

Why the shift? They’re looking forward to looking forward. In a year of unknowns, they’re longing for that familiar feeling only the holidays bring. Christmas advertising and messaging seems to get earlier and earlier each year. Some might find it jarring and too soon, on Pinterest however you are showing up contextually, amongst other relevant content in front of those looking for Christmas ideas themselves. 

New report ‘Earlier than ever’ deep dives at what’s driving Pinners’ holiday decisions and how to take action on these insights. How can brands show up on time for the earliest holiday planning season ever and reach their audiences first. How can they be the first to help their audience make their celebrations feel special.

Pinners are planners but this year they are really planning way ahead of time.

Take a look at the report below.


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