Ad Blocking - Consumer Usage & Attitudes, Feb 2018

IAB UK have been tracking the number of people who claim to have downloaded and use an ad blocker over the last three years. This is to inform future strategy around ad blocking, as well as to see what effects, if any, initiatives to discourage ad blocking are having on consumer ad blocking adoption and usage.


IAB UK commissioned YouGov in Feb 2018, who conducted a survey of 2,059 GB online adults. This is a follow up from the ad blocking data collected from Feb 2017, July 2016, Feb 2016, Oct 2015, June 2015 and March 2015.

Key findings:

  • Ad blocking levels have remained relatively consistent, at just under 25%

  • Current usage may be lower than this, as 15% selected anti-virus software or fake software as their only ad blocker

  • Almost a fifth of ad blockers are not currently using one, citing being asked to switch off their ad blocker to access content (19%), feeling bad about blocking ads on free sites (5%), and missing seeing some of the ads (5%) as some of their main reasons for this

  • In certain situations, 74% of ad blockers would be less likely to block ads, including if given greater user control or being reminded that ads fund content

  • It is crucial that all parties work together to create ad experiences that makes people less likely to want to use blockers


Ad Blocking Research, Feb 2018

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