Ad Blocking 2020

Posted on: Wednesday 01 April 2020 | IAB UK

IAB UK have been tracking the number of people who claim to currently use ad blocking software over the last six years. This report looks into how this has changed over time and what this means for the industry


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IAB UK commissioned YouGov in Feb 2020 to conduct a survey of 2,037 GB online adults. This is a follow up from the ad blocking data collected in Feb 2019, Feb 2018, Feb 2017, July 2016, Feb 2016, Oct2015, June 2015 and March 2015. The key findings from the research and a link to the full report can be found below: 

  • Ad blocking levels have been relatively stable for the past four years – 23.7% of GB Online Adults claim to be currently using ad blocking software

  • 21% of GB online adults are using ad blockers on desktops or laptops, compared to 10% on smartphone

  • Men are 2x more likely to block ads than women. 18-24s remain the most likely age group to have installed an ad blocker, however this has decreased significantly over the past year

  • Our advice to the industry is to continue initiatives directed at providing a better advertising experience and continue to remind people about the value exchange. Whilst it’s encouraging to see ad blocking levels stabilise, we can’t be complacent

Read the press release here.


You must be a member of the IAB UK to view this content. If you are not a member you can find out more here.

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